All prices shown on this site reflect a basic timed treatment without any additions. Medication, special needles and herbal treatments are all extras that will be discussed at the time of your appointment. Please be aware that when you are in consultation with a professional TCM Doctor the price of your treatment will be based on a case by case basis to reflect the time taken for your treatment and the herbal medicines prescribed for your case.

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Traditional Chinese Healing bring extra resources for your healing


There are many extra forms of Chinese therapies that can promote healing for your body.

Over the years, the practice of Chinese herbal medicine and TCM has developed and matured to become what it is today – a natural and holistic system of primary health care that is being used by people from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds to effectively treat a wide range of chronic and acute health problems.

Western culture has meant that a lot of people associate Chinese Herbal Medicines with a ‘witches brew’ of bark, leaves and other things that can be horrible to digest.


Chinese herbal remedies have been developed over thousands of years and whilst some remedies do not taste great, the end result of health improvement is our aim. Today's technology has come a long way and now Chinese Herbal Medicines also come in pill and capsule styles but still have the same amazing results. The latest development in Chinese Herbal Treatment that Helen uses now is herbals in the form of tea bags. Gone is the awful taste and the need to brew up on a stove top - just place the tea bag in a normal cup of hot water and enjoy a tasty cuppa while the herbs do their job in healing.


All Chinese Herbal Medicines are natural and contain nothing but natural ingredients. Our clinic also uses a number of medicines externally during your treatments which aid in the healing process and for which there is a small charge. Talk to your therapist about this before your treatment.

Most diseases or illnesses present with a core set of recognizable signs and symptoms, but the actual presentation of a particular disease or illness will vary from person to person. For this reason, people with similar health conditions may be provided with quite different Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions.

A qualified practitioner is able to prescribe a Chinese herbal formula that specifically matches and treats your individual health problem. As your condition changes and improves with treatment, the Chinese herbal treatment is also adjusted and modified until the desired health outcome is achieved. Our Doctor Helen is a fully qualified Herbal Medicine Practitioner from the Henan University of Chinese Medicine and she will be able to diagnose your problem and recommend a course of treatment.

A snapshot of conditions typically treated with Chinese Herbal Medicine includes:

• Insomnia and fatigue
• Loss of appetite and common digestive disorders
• Constipation and diarrhoea
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Common cold and influenza
• Chronic headaches
• Skin disorders
• Fluid retention
• Anxiety, depression and stress
• Allergies
• Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
• Premenstrual syndrome and painful menstruation
• Excessive menstruation
• Infertility
• Impotence and prostate disorders
• Disorders associated with menopause

This list only shows common problems. Herbal medicine is able to treat much more.