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Our prices start at $50 for a 30 minute basic treatment and at $80 for a 1 hour basic treatment. Each client requires a variation of the basic treatment which involves tea bags or special diagnosis which will be talked about by your therapist at the time of your appointment. Please ask for a detailed list of requirements for your particular treatment. 
It may be that you will require only a basic treatment - please ask your therapist.
Please note that each appointment involves a full diagnostic appraisal and a treatment. This is usually a 2 hour visit and if medication is used that is also an extra cost. Be aware that some treatments will take up to 3 hours. At times clients will be left alone to relax (and sleep) while the treatment takes effect. Please be aware that this doesn't equate to you being left alone. If you are uncomfortable in any way please notify your therapist immediately.


Please call or SMS your requirements to our clinic number. This will ensure that your booking is made and that our therapist will call or sms you back with your booking time. We will also send you an sms reminder the day prior to your booking. The number to send you booking to is:
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