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The Little and Little Herbal Formula

The Little and Little Herbal Formula has been developed to provide a way of bringing Organic Treatments to all people in a way that is easy and pleasant.  You use a tea bag that can simply be taken as a pleasant tasting tea.


This formula has been based on Space Medicine Fundamental Theory. The founder of human space medicine theory discovered that there is a distinct link in the working of the universe, nature and the earth and the working of the human body.

Just as natural disasters occur in the universe, nature and the earth, so do disasters occur within the human body.

Flood, drought, volcanic eruptions, storms of varying strength all occur around our world and similar occurrences also take place within us.

Organics stress on unifying human and nature. Our bodies consist of 70 percent water and so when water becomes too much or too little it effects our body in particular ways.

If the water is too much and heavy in the upper part of the body we can experience heavy headedness, be unsteady on our feet, experience dizziness, have high blood pressure and other problems.

If there is too much water in the middle area of our body then we can experience diabetes, psoriasis, bloating, diarrhea and edema, and too much water in the lower region can mean frequent and/or urgent urination, hemorrhoids, prolapse, male problems, and female problems.

On the other hand, not enough water in any region can lead to leukoderma, dry mouth, dry skin, muscle atrophy, constipation and thrombosis.

The movement of cells within our body creates an energy flow. This flow is commonly known as Qi (pronounced Chee) and it follows set paths, called meridians or channels and these meridians can sometimes become blocked by injury or illness. This blocking causes pain and when left untreated provides the growth area for disease. The energy in our bodies naturally goes up and down dependent on many variables, however the energy must always flow correctly for us to be in the best health condition.

For the human body to remain completely healthy we need to ensure that this energy flow (Qi) functions normally always, without any blockages. In nature the energy from the earth goes up whilst the energy from the sky goes down in the form of water. Same in the human body as the energy from the lower body flows upward and the energy from the upper body flows downward.

As it was stated earlier, the human body is like the universe and it is filled with different spaces. Spaces exist around the heart and other vital organs. This space is important for the movement of cells which are the smallest units that make up the body. Cell movement within the body produces energy which in Chinese is called Qi (pronounced Chee). Balancing Qi flow throughout the body encourages peace and harmony and a healing atmosphere for the body. Qi flow never stops and runs in cycles.

The little and little formula has been designed in a way that a small dosage via a tea bag can treat disease. The human body itself can heal given the right environment and regulate any out of balance conditions. The little and little formula in the form of tea bags cleanses the body and de-detoxifies the channels thus providing the correct atmosphere for healing by using the smell and flavor of the medicine. The formula guides our body in the correct direction to stimulate the potential for healing within and controlling injury and disease quickly and efficiently. When combined with massage the body health can be restored quickly and efficiently.

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