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Healthy Enzyme Drinks

Our passion and mission is to improve the health of our clients. Our Healthy Enzyme Drinks are made to help a large variety of health issues as well as being environmentally friendly as all by-products can be recycled into the garden. Please be aware that these drinks are made on demand for a specific patient's needs as they have a shelf life.

It has long been recognized that the use of existing food, fruits and other raw materials to brew plant drinks to treat and support the digestive system. Enzymes help to reduce many ailments and sickness by detoxifying the body.

You can enjoy the healthy enzymes and have fun making it for yourself, family and friends.  This shares health, happiness and love.

Examples of Specific Enzymes

There are thousands of enzymes in the human body, here are just a few examples:

· Lipases - a group of enzymes that help digest fats in the gut.

· Amylase - helps change starches into sugars. Amylase is found in  saliva.

· Maltase - also found in saliva; breaks the sugar maltose into glucose. Maltose is found in foods such as potatoes, pasta, and beer.

· Trypsin - found in the small intestine, breaks proteins down into amino acids.

· Lactase - also found in the small intestine, breaks lactose, the sugar in milk, into glucose and galactose.

· Acetylcholinesterase - breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in nerves and muscles.

· Helicase - unravels DNA.

· DNA polymerase - synthesize DNA from deoxyribonucleotides.

In a nutshell

Enzymes play a huge part in the day-to-day running of the human body. By binding to and altering compounds, they are vital for the proper functioning of the digestive system, the nervous system, muscles, and much, much more.

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Helen preparing an Enzyme Health Drink                                                          Bottled and ready 

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