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Our clinic provides quite a range of treatments as adjuncts to the major therapies of Dry Needling and Massage. This includes treatments like reflexology, cupping, scraping and moxibustion. We also do Hot Stone Massage, and energy healing, Treatments start with pulse or tongue diagnosis to find and understand the client's situation. From there our practitioners can apply the best treatment to remedy the problem. Usually this can take from one to five treatments and then followed up with maintenance visits as prescribed by our Therapists. 

By the way, we cater for adults, teenagers and children. (Children must be accompanied by an adult during treatment).

Which Treatments?

Your practitioner may use treatments in a therapy session as appropriate to the condition. Whilst some therapies are well known to the public, others are uniquely Chinese, and Traditional Chinese Healing Clinic takes real pride in offering them to you. If a therapy is not known to you, or may have short term side-effects such as the mild, temporary bruising caused by cupping, our staff will bring that to your attention before proceeding with the treatment. We may also use Organics during treatment and your practitioner will also bring this to your attention.

One of the main problems we see at the clinic is in the aged body which are usually related to the joints such as feet, knee, arm, shoulder, neck and back. All of these can be improved dramatically with regular treatment and a little targeted exercise activity.

TCH offers package deals and specials at all times to help financially, so ask our staff about these deals. You will also find these specials advertised on our website and on facebook. Log in and grab a bargain. Come in and see us about your plans for a longer future free from pain and discomfort.

We have plans for pensioners and senior card holders as well as a comprehensive rewards program that will see you get great prizes for your loyalty. Ask us how you can get involved in all of our activities.

Call now 266 Preston Road on 39011122 or 0401426926 or 349 Manly Road on 31614743 or 0409034081 and start your journey to better health!

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