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These Tea Bag Treatments are already having a great impact on existing clients. There are treatment options for all conditions from the common cold, headaches, aches and pains, and to detoxify to prevent more serious health issues.

So how does it all happen?

Helen will do a tongue diagnosis where she takes a photo of your extended tongue. She will then analyse this photograph which will tell her exactly what problem you have and also the correct formula to treat the condition. The formula is created on the spot and the tea bags made up specifically for each client. The treatment is provided in the form of a packet of tea bags which you take home and consume on a daily basis. Like a regular cuppa, the bag is immersed in boiling water. Whilst the drink is too hot to drink, the client inhales the steam from the cup and then once cool enough drink the tea like normal. One tea bag can last up to three cups which should also be your daily intake and Helen usually provides ten tea bags per treatment.

Simple but effective. Some clients will have great effects almost immediately whereas others may need to continue treatment for some time to get the required outcome. All of this is dependent on the person, the amount of detoxification required and also there may be other influences within the body that must be treated as well. Tea bag therapy works very well on clients who are suffering the effects of "Long Covid".

Please contact Helen on 0401426926 for your initial consultation and diagnosis. You won't regret your decision.



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